New Zealand

image of New Zealand for Your Brio Boutique Travel Experiences by Jen Duncan for luxury event planning and trip planning

Place: New Zealand

In Three Words: Attitude, landscape, Wine

  • Why We Love It?: New Zealanders, Kiwis, are some of the most friendly people we have encountered on our travels. Don’t be surprised if you make friends who invite you to stay with them. Due to New Zealand’s size, you can easily see a variety of landscapes in 7-10 days (although we recommend at least 2 weeks) including, seemingly undiscovered shorelines, greener than envy hillsides, glaciers, wine country and city skylines.

  • Hot Spots: Queenstown for bungee, skis and views, Pipi Cafe in Havelock North for a dining experience that warms your soul, Taylor’s Mistake for experiencing a true “bach” house, pancake rocks for art in nature, and Craggy Range to discover your new favorite wines.