Our Story

brio [bree-oh]: vigor, zest

Meet Our Founder

Brio’s CEO (Chief Experience Officer), Jen Duncan, has visited more than 20 countries and dozens of cities, historical sites, and hidden gems. Ever the eager traveler, she has snowmobiled at the top of the earth (see Iceland) and encountered traveling minstrels on grueling hikes to fairytale waterfalls (see Kauai). She loves designing trips for others almost as much as taking on the adventure herself. Whether it's a road trip, tramp through New Zealand, whirlwind European vacation, or something a bit more boutique, Jen delights in the details that are so key to an enjoyable experience. She travels different parts of the world every few weeks to inspect top-rated properties and sample must-see/do tours for her clients.

She has orchestrated private and public events that beckon the senses and cater to luxury tastes including extravagant private parties featuring celebrity talent, overseeing production from start to finish. She has conceptualized and executed corporate and leisure trips to a variety of destinations. From Fiji to Amsterdam and from the simple to the complex, Jen is intent on offering the best of the best with every Your Brio experience.

Letter from Our Founder

Fueled by my passion for creating unique trips around the globe and guided by my expertise in catering to discerning tastes for travel and events, I decided to form Brio Boutique Experiences.

At Brio, our mission is simple: we want to learn about your style, your Brio, and create hassle-free and memorable travel or event experiences for you. After all, vacation shouldn't just be about getting away from work. It should be freeing yourself of the stress of planning and gaining new perspectives as you create memories. With client happiness as a chief priority, our boutique travel services are based on 3 key elements that we feel set us apart from other providers.

  • 24/7 service by an actual Brio team member and impeccable response times
  • Creative thinking to meet the goal with efficiency and fun
  • Personalized service including tracking client preferences with our proprietary system

Where there is a will to experience this lovely planet, there is a way to make it happen, with Brio.

We are thrilled to help you with your travel and event needs!

Jen Duncan

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